How to Avoid Inventory Disrepairs in Your Auto Dealership

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How to Avoid Inventory Disrepairs in Your Auto Dealership

Although it may seem simple, managing the parts Avoid Inventory Disrepairs vehicles can be a difficult task. This is not a simple task if you have ever worked at a parts counter. To properly manage inventory, you need specific skills and strategies. Otherwise things can quickly get outof hand.

  • This is essential for anyone who works with parts inventory.
  • We’ll be looking at how to reduce inventory discrepancies. First, let’s look at some common discrepancies.

What are the main causes of inventory discrepancies at auto dealerships

It is important to reduce discrepancies so that you can ensure an accurate inventory. This requires that you understand the reasons for discrepancies.

There are a few reasons why you might have frequent discrepancies with your inventory records.

  • Human error These include miscounts, calculation mistakes, and data entry problems by one of your employees or another coworker.
  • Unit Measure Error – Incorrectly Weighing Parts or Using the Wrong Unit of Measure when Taking Inventory or Selling Parts
  • Misplaced Parts – This error is often caused by mislabeling parts, mistaking them for the same part or putting them in the wrong place.
  • Theft- theft can happen to anyone, not just external parties. It is easy to commit internal theft in companies with poor inventory management.
  • Receiving error – when inventory receivers don’t verify the parts ordered and the received numbers.

These are just a few common causes for discrepancies. These discrepancies can be avoided with simple steps.

How can your dealership avoid inventory discrepancies

Training your staff

Make sure that everyone handling your inventory has been trained in the right practices and procedures.

Make sure your employees are learning from training.

Even if you spend hours training employees, sometimes they may stray away from the procedure. Perhaps they believe it is simpler to do something another way or think it is redundant.

This is why it’s so important to supervise your staff to make sure they’re following the procedures and training. If they’re not, remind them about the correct way to do it. Make sure they know why it’s important. Be open to the possibility of updating steps if necessary.

Keep proper records

Take full advantage of your inventory system, and make sure to include accurate information about the location.

Organize all your parts

Your parts should be organized. You should keep each SKU in one place. Parts, bins and locations should be clearly marked in order to minimize the possibility of parts being misplaced. Make sure there are clear boundaries between where one part begins and where it stops. This could be separate bins or separators within the same bin.

Restricted access

Limit the number who can retrieve and place parts. This will help reduce the possibility of parts getting misplaced.

Receive products in a proper manner

When you receive products for your team, ensure that they properly count and compare quantities to the packing slip. This will ensure that your team keeps accurate records and helps you deal with any errors quickly.

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