How to find Map Updates on Your Portable GPS Device

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Portable GPS devices have been a top-selling consumer gadget for the past ten years. You probably know someone who has one, even if you don’t have one. However, smartphones have been challenging portable GPS units with their turn-by-turn directions and apps.

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However, using your smartphone’s navigation app as a navigation tool can lead to data charges and data roaming fees if you travel outside of your primary coverage area. You could end up paying a lot for your “free” navigation app.

Many people are happy to continue using their old GPS portable device. What about map updates? You may be eligible to download updates free of charge depending on the length of your device’s ownership and the model you purchased.

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This is a brief overview of the various options for each unit.

  • Garmin Nuvi GPS Map updates

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Garmin offers three types of download models: nuMaps Guarantee (onetime), nuMaps Onetime (lifetime), and nuMaps Guarantee (guaranteed). The Guarantee option allows you to get a free map update, but it is only available for car owners who have been using your Garmin Nuvi GPS for at least 3 months. If you need new maps within 3 months of your Garmin Nuvi GPS’s ownership, you can either purchase the Onetime Update for $50 or the more costly Lifetime Update option (which sounds just like it – updates forever) for just $80.

  • TomTom GPS Map updates

TomTom’s TomTom Map Share Technology offers map updates at no cost. The TomTom Map Share Technology allows customers to upload their changes to a centralised website resource. However, TomTom cannot guarantee the accuracy of these updates. To receive official TomTom upgrades, you must register your device with TomTom and then sync it up to the TomTom Home site to view all options. Prices can change depending on model and purchase date.

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  • Navigon GPS Map Updates

Navigon, a German company that also sells a lot of GPS units in North America, is Navigon. Although they offer a map update service called Fresh Maps (but it is not possible to get any updates for free), The customer must purchase an update online for around $120. A new GPS device from TomTom, which offers quality updates via Map Share, might be a better choice considering the price.