Gran Coupe Tones Down Massive Grille

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Gran Coupe’s massive grille has been replaced by a subtle, round design to counter the negative connotations associated with the word “grille”.

The front grille of the new S8 is smaller than the one on the S7, but it’s still very visible. It is also larger than the S7’s grille, which I did not believe was possible. The S8’s grille is different from the S7’s. As you can see, the S8’s grille is smaller than the S7’s.

The first Gran Coupe was introduced in the U.S. in 1992. It was the only car with a Gran Turismo option. The company continues to build on this legacy with the 2018 Gran Coupe, which features a Gran Turismo Edition available. It has a blacked out grille, an engine cover in black, and a unique wheel design.

Designers of cars can be stubborn. They should. They must live with the consequences of creating something that fails to catch on or is not popular. It will never go away. It is this reason that some BMWs continue to have large kidney grilles. It’s like the old saying, “We do for you what it is best,” and not what you desire.

BMW took this position on special grilles. Until now. BimmerToday forum members have observed a decrease in BMW sales. It’s a small gesture that softens the large grille on the 4 Series Gran Coupe.

Although the grille on the BMW Gran Coupe may not be very large, it is a nice change.


Although it isn’t a significant change, it’s a start. The realization that BMW needed to make the 4 Series’ nose smaller was a wakeup call. Benny of BimmerToday discovered the front ends for the 4 Series Gran Coupe as well as the Standard Coupe. Both models have the same windshield sheet metal.

Gran Coupe lacks fog lights which simplifies front end. It is not necessary for the eye to perceive many elements. The Gran Coupe’s extreme bottomhood is gone, which is quite interesting. The standard coupe features eye-catching relief elements.

These are minor changes. The big change is the darkening around the holes in the red bean’s lower body. You can emphasize the bottom of your grid by painting. The height of the grille appears to be reduced visually, but it has not changed in reality.

The BMW grille looks much better with smart and simple paintwork

Christof Stache/AFP via Getty Images

There were no new tools required. It is a subtle, but necessary, change in the paint that enhances the front end. We accept this simple trick. BMW has now bought some time. This means that the grille needs to be more appealing.

It is absurd to think that the customer is wrong but the designers are right. You lose sales if you make a sale if the buyer isn’t happy with your product. However, this does not necessarily mean that the client is wrong. This can make the details and design appear fake and distract potential buyers.

You will need to take a break from the design process at certain points.


Designers must have the ability to see into the future and to imagine how inclusive certain projects might be. It’s not always simple, so we have a design team. From the moment the idea is sketched, to the time that the project is signed by the client, you can make changes.

Automotive design is not for the arrogant. BMW Design doesn’t have to admit its mistakes or plead for forgiveness. The front end needs to be redesigned to reflect the attractive and sexy design that makes BMW a BMW.