Craiglist Tips and Advice: Selling an Antique Car

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Even if your vehicle isn’t a one-of-a kind, it doesn’t mean your car isn’t valuable. Craigslist might be a good place to list your car, regardless of whether you are selling your beloved 63′ Thunderbird or the Packard your dad left you.

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Here are five things to remember when you list your classic car on Craigslist.

  1. Determine the car’s value. Do not assume your Mustang is worth $20,000 because you have seen a similar Mustang on TV and go for $20k. Instead, use the following method to determine its value:
  • Refer to NADA’s Classic Car Guide
  • Talk to local collectors and dealers about market value

2) Be careful – there are many scammers out there. Find out what it takes to sell your car on Craigslist and learn more about the scams on Craigslist. Make sure you specify that you are only interested in local buyers. There are many car transportation companies you can use if you need to transport the buyer from your home to theirs. Do not deal with anyone who offers to wire money. You should only ask for cash payments (or in-person bank drafts) so you don’t accidentally get a bad check.

3) You’ll likely need to negotiate with potential buyers. Because classic cars aren’t a commodity, they are unique. Therefore, all values for classic cars can be subject to healthy debate. Even if your ad copy states that you won’t negotiate, you will still be asked to bargain. It’s part of the process. Don’t take it personally.

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4) Classic car sales can take time. A $2,500 commuter car can be sold within a few days of you posting your Craigslist ad. You can wait six months to one year to sell a unique $40,000 classic, of which there may only be a few in the country.

If you are in a rush, you might consider selling your car to a local dealer of classic cars. However, you should also try Craigslist selling it before you give up.

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5) Write a great ad. The following information is important for buyers of classic cars:

Hire a professional to help you take photos. A good camera can make all the difference in good weather and lighting. However, a professional who is familiar with how to use it can help you get the best results.

6) Don’t limit your search to Craigslist. Craigslist is a great place for classic cars to be listed. However, you can also list them on eBay, collector forums and It’s important to follow the rules and not promote your car if you don’t want others to see it.