Here are 5 Things to Consider when Choosing an Auto Locksmith

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Here are 5 Things to Consider when Choosing an Auto Locksmith

Aren’t you annoyed when your car keys are locked in? Although it’s difficult to do this with a new car, it happens even with older cars. Modern electronic key fobs can also have issues. They may stop working, or they might need to be programmed again. In cold climates, our keys can become detached from the lock. What should a driver do if their ignition switch, key or car lock is not working? If you are in a safe place, an auto locksmith is the best person to call.

What does an auto locksmith do?

Highly skilled auto locksmiths are available. They can help you unlock your car and get you back in, but they are also highly skilled. They can also fix your car’s ignition switch. If your car’s ignition switch is having trouble, they can reprogram it. This is a highly-tech job. They must be proficient in electronics because of all the advanced features found in today’s cars.

Here are 5 things to remember when selecting an auto locksmith

Do not just pick the first locksmith you find on Google. You would have to do some research and checking out reviews to find the best. The Better Business Bureau would recommend that you read online reviews. is another site you can use to find reviews and ratings for auto locksmiths in your local area. You can even ask your friends and family. You can bet that at least one of your family members, friends, or coworkers has used an auto locksmith.

It’s not a gamble to find the right auto locksmith. Mach1 provides the best roadside locksmith services. Simply pull up Mach1 on your smartphone and select our lockout service. Mach1 will send a locksmith to you. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and can fix any problem with your car keys and locks. There’s no need to be concerned about the job not being done correctly. You’ll know that you are being charged fairly.

Why choose Mach1

Mach1 no longer charges annual membership fees and expensive subscriptions. Customers don’t have to bargain when searching for service providers for their vehicle. Mach1 allows you to confirm the price of the service provider before it begins. You only pay when the service is completed! You can also pay using your debit or credit cards right through our app.

Mach1 eliminates the need to wait in dark parking lots wondering when your locksmith will arrive. Our GPS technology allows us to send our nearest service provider right to your location. This is a revolutionary technology, we’re certain you’ll agree. All of our locksmiths are equipped with universal lock-out tools. Mach1 will make you safer and more secure and get you on the road faster!

What is the cost of Mach1’s services?

Our services are always at the fair market price. We will charge you the average regional price for the service in your area. You can see the cost upfront when you choose your service via our app. Then, you can click to approve it.

Who are our service providers

We use a seven point candidate screening process to verify the qualifications of all our service providers and locksmiths. We also require all our service providers to have insurance and safety training. We waive the sign-up fee for honorably discharged veterans who are interested in a career working as a locksmith.

What other services does Mach1 provide?

Check out all the services Mach1 provides:

  • Dead Battery – If you have left your lights on overnight, our jump start service will help get your car running again.
  • Flat Tire – We can either change your tire or tow your vehicle to a garage so that your tire is fixed.
  • Mobile mechanic – To request service for your car that is not in your driveway, but still needs repairs, you can use your app
  • Locksmiths – We will quickly dispatch our trained locksmiths to your location, saving you valuable time.
  • Running Low on Fuel – Next time you run low on gas, get a Mach1 service provider to refuel.
  • Non Emergency – Oil changes and other maintenance
  • Tow Truck Sometimes repairs must be made at a garage. For those situations, call our towing service
  • Trip Inspection- Mach1 gives you security. Before you take off on your driving trip, we’ll inspect your vehicle.

We’ve shown you what Mach1 can do. Below, 5 tips will help you select an auto locksmith to get you back in your vehicle and on your path. We’ll also discuss the cost of an auto locksmith for any of the many situations that you might find yourself in. is a great choice if you’re looking for a locksmith service that offers the best value, speed, and service.

1. Ask about their standard charges

A standard fee may be charged by locksmiths, plus extra fees for repairs or new keys. Some may also charge for mileage to get to you.

2) Always request an estimate in writing

Before the locksmith starts working, make sure you review the estimate to determine what’s included and what your final bill will include. You won’t be charged until the repairs have been completed.

3) Compare more than one locksmith

Ask your neighbors and friends to recommend them. You can do some research and look at their reviews. Do your research before you hire a locksmith.

4) Verify licensing

Although not all states require locksmiths be licensed, it is important to ensure that your potential locksmith is licensed.

5) Be safe, hire local

Angie’s List recommends that you ensure your locksmith has a phone number and an address in the area. Move on to the next prospect if their website isn’t trustworthy and does not provide local information.

What does an auto locksmith do?

While you are familiar with the fact that locksmiths are needed to replace locks on a house, not everyone is aware that there are also locksmiths who specialize in automotive issues. An auto locksmith will not replace the locks on a house’s front door, but they will visit your car to solve a variety of problems.

An auto locksmith can offer the following services:

  • A locksmith will unlock your car for you if your key is lost or locked in your car.
  • Ignition switch repair – Locksmiths can install, repair, or rekey your ignition switch
  • A locksmith can change the cylinders of your car’s doors.

You won’t be left behind by our Mach1 auto locksmiths. They have been trained to provide the best services to ensure that you can run your errands and take the kids to the park before you head to work.

What is the cost of an auto locksmith?

Prices for auto locksmith services can vary depending on the make and model your car. You can see the cost before you agree to the service with Mach1 app.

  • Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it can cost anywhere from $60 to $120 to unlock it.
  • Rekeying your ignition can cost you $50-$150, depending on the make and model.
  • Depending on where they live, the locksmith will come to you for $50-$100.
  • Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you can replace the door lock with a cost between $200 and $600.

What is the cost of replacing a car key?

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it will cost you between $70 and $250 to replace your key. It will be easier to replace a key for a car with an older model because it doesn’t have a chip inside.

What is the cost of programming a key fob by a locksmith?

It costs $50-$200 to reprogram your keyfob depending on the make and model. Some key fobs are more complex than others but Mach1 auto locksmiths can deal with them all!

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