7 Tips for Keeping Your Car’s Air Conditioning in Top Shape

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Car’s Air Conditioning in Top Shape

The hot summer weather is here and with it is a reminder about how important your car’s air conditioning system is for keeping you comfortable on the road. Here’s 7 tips for keeping your air conditioning running at maximum performance.

Run your A/C weekly on defrost mode

You should run your air conditioning weekly for 10 minutes on defrost mode on the coolest setting and at the maximum fan speed. This helps maintain gas pressure, keeps your compressor running well, cleans out moisture and prevents mildew.

This includes running your air conditioning in the winter, which helps remove humidity and works well to defog the windshield.

Clean or change the air filter Car’s Air Conditioning

  • Dirty cabin air filters prevent proper airflow. Check your filter often and clean or replace it.
  • Don’t pre-cool your car

Your car’s air conditioning operates at maximum efficiency when you’re driving. Don’t pre-cool your car. On extra hot days, put the fan on high once you start driving and open only the backseat windows for 10 to 20 seconds to force out the hot air.

Set A/C to the coldest setting

Your car’s air conditioning is most efficient when set to the lowest temperature and adjusting the fan for comfort. Most air conditioning systems cool the air to 3-4 C. A higher temperature forces the system to re-heat the air, burning more fuel.

Keep your car clean

Dirt and bacteria can negatively impact your car’s air conditioning system. Keep dirt and debris at bay by cleaning, dusting and vacuuming regularly.

Don’t use A/C on recirculate if you have back seat passengers

The recirculation mode pulls air from the front of the vehicle and re-cools it. It works well for passengers in the front of your vehicle, but can leave air stale and hot in the back.

Get a full A/C service at The Mufflerman

The best way to keep your car’s air conditioning functioning well is to get regular service at your local Mufflerman location. A Mufflerman professional can detect leaks or damage to your system and recommend the best course of action to keep your air conditioning running properly… and you cool all through the hot summer.

Automotive Air Conditioning Service: A must have for Fall!

Even though summer’s hot days are gone and cool fall weather is on its way, it is still important to keep your car maintenance up-to-date. One area of car care that tends to go under the radar during the fall months is automotive air conditioning service. Although you won’t need to blast the air conditioner at full speed, the AC is needed to help heat your car and clear any fogging that occurs on your windows.

Because automotive air conditioning service is so complex, it is important to take it to a certified car ac repair specialist. They can diagnose problems by using special equipment to check the condenser, compressor and the cabin filters. Another test uses dyes to check for A/C leaks that are virtually invisible.  Automotive air conditioning service generally involves an inspection of the A/C system, a refill of Freon, and checking the pipes and hoses of the condenser unit.

Many people tend to ignore car ac repair because it can be costly. However, as mentioned above, the automotive air conditioner does more than keep you cool in summer. It keeps you warm in winter too! Overheating can cause damage to your engine. To ensure that your air conditioner system is functioning properly, turn it on about every two and a half weeks for a few minutes to make sure that the system is putting out both cool and warm air.

It is better to get an auto air conditioning service taken care of now as it can help you save money and time on repairs later down the road. It is wise to have this service performed at least twice a year–before and after summer.

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