Top Gear features the Coolest Australian Cars

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Top Gear is the most watched automotive television show in the world. They discuss a wide range of automotive topics and perform stunts.

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Here is a list with the most innovative Australian cars that were featured in this prestigious program.

Ford Performance Vehicle – F6

Ford has two divisions, Ford Performance Vehicles and Standard Ford Cars. Let’s just say that the FPV vehicles are the most exciting.

Particularly the FPV F6 is the most outstanding model in that line. It is a sports sedan. Top Gear describes it as “the car that makes Australians proud and makes them happy to be alive”. You also make strange, ape-like grunting noises. It’s great, damn it.

Holden Ute

Many Americans consider the Holden Ute a throwback, as it is inspired by the 1970s Chevy El Camino and similar beds. Top Gear describes it as “One of the most sexy auto shapes on the planet right now, but the Holden Ute remains practical and practical.”‘

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Although the “sexy” label can be debated, it is a reliable truck/car combination that is roomy and reliable. You have the option to choose from a V-6 engine or a massive 6.0L V-8.

Ford Performance Vehicle – Pursuit

The Pursuit is an interesting name for a car. In terms of styling, this car looks a lot like a Holden Ute. The 5.4L V-8 engine is very fast. This engine is capable of handling any drag racing or grocery shopping needs. It is powerful and we don’t know why, but it is.

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The “Super Ute” is a comfortable ride for a Ute, with ample room in the bed. Although handling isn’t as good as it could be the Ute offers a great combination of performance and usability.

Holden Special Vehicle – W247

Holden Special Vehicle (HSV) is a brand of luxury, high-powered machines. The W247 HSV is the most successful. Top Gear said, “Imagine Oprah and Bill Gates having a child.” It’s so powerful.

The W247 is powerful, fast and attractive. It is best suited for running on a track, as it can reach speeds of 0 to 100 km/h (60 mph) in just 4.6 seconds. You can say it is fast!

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Another cool thing about this car? Only 427 will be made. You will feel goosebumps driving a cool, fast, and exclusive car.

These cars are worth a look next time you’re down under.